How to earn money from android apps from scratch

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In today’s blog, I will tell you how to earn money by making android apps.

Making apps is a fun itself and you just need a laptop or desktop and some free time to learn some coding and making your app. In this article I will not tell you how to make apps by coding every single page but I will tell you the process to earn money by apps from scratch. So if you are a newbie in this industry then welcome buddy, and you are at the right place to start from.

This article is divided into few parts and I will tell you things right to the point. So let’s start now.

1. Learn coding first

First, let me tell you that, to make android apps you have know coding first but if you are scared of learning coding then don’t worry, there is another way to design apps without coding. So let me tell you both ways below in this point.

A. Android apps with coding

If you want to make apps with coding then you have to spend some time to learn at least one programming language and the main programming language that I can suggest you to start with is ‘Java’. There are two language options for you to make android apps in android studio, and these languages are Java and Kotlin.

I am suggesting you Java, because this is an old language you can learn and the main thing is that there is a lot of stuff related Java language than Kotlin, so if you stuck somewhere in the lines of coding then you can easily find your solutions online. After learning Java, you can easily transit to Kotlin.

Where to learn Java?
You can learn Java from many given sources:

B. Android apps without coding

If you don’t want to spend time to learn new programming language or you don’t have time to learn, then there are some platforms where you can make your apps without coding. So I am giving you some links to those sites where you can make your apps.

If you have decided to make your apps without coding with above links then you can jump right to the step number 4.

2. Download and install android studio

Now if you have selected to learn Java programming language and you are ready to learn then it’s time to learn the language.

To download android studio, you have to go to the official site of android developers and then download the application.
After downloading android studio, you have to completely setup Android Studio before use.

Note- You must have a fast internet connection to fully setup the android studio and you need about 5 GB of data, but if you don’t have that much data, then just download android studio for now and download other components in following days.

3. Trial is important

When the android studio setup is ready then you can start making your apps right away.
In this step, I will say that you should make some apps to just explore android studio and after making some apps, you are ready to make your make app to earn some money or start your business from your app.

4. Make complete app

After trial, it is time to make your full app that is ready to launch. To make your complete app, make sure you have done everything to your app that is important to take your app to another level. You can add some features to your app, like – Rate our app, send feedback, cloud messaging to engage your users etc. After adding these all features to your app, your app is ready for the next step.

5. Use Admob as ad network to earn money

Now, it’s time to monetize your app so that you can earn some money, and the best way to earn money from your apps is to monetize them with ads.

There are tons of mobile ad networks to use and start with, but I will recommend you to use Google Admob ad network to monetize your app.

For the steps to follow to implement Admob ads to your app, click here.

6. Use Admob test ads

Google is very strict in there terms and conditions to use there products like Admob, Adsense etc. To avoid your Admob account from suspension or ad serving limit on your account, always use test ads from admob. To use Admob test ads, click here to get to that official page.

Note : If you are suffering from admob ad serving limit than click here.

7. Testing time

After you have done every process mentioned in above points then it’s time to test your app on a real mobile device and after testing all the things, place real and live admob units in place of test units.

To create a new ad unit, sign in to your admob account then go to ‘Apps’ in left sidebar then click on your added app and click on ‘Ad unit’ and create according to your need.Add real Admob only when your app is complete and tested and ready to publish. For publishing your app, follow the next step.

8. Buy Google Play Console

To publish your app to the Google Play Store, you have to buy a play console so that you can publish unlimited number of your apps to Google Play Store.

To buy play console, just search for ‘Play Console’ on Google and click on the first link after ads to get started. After all the setup is completed, publish your app to the console. You have to pay 25 USD to buy the Play Console, and don’t worry, you have to pay 25 USD once in lifetime and you can publish as many android apps or games as you want….

9. App Store Optimization

Now what is App Store Optimization or ASO, so let suppose you learnt all the programming languages needed, made your app completely, tested your app, implemented your ads into it and published your app to the store…, now what, you have to reach to the audience. There is no way that you published your app and you get 1000 downloads per day in starting days without ASO…, to get these many downloads you have to rank your app into the Play Store search results. To rank your app in the search result in Play Store, you have to work on the ASO.

There are some points to remember to get a best ASO to rank your app:

  • Use main keywords in high density
  • Use nice screenshots to attract more users
  • Fill up site title, short description and full description with many use full keywords
  • Make a great logo
  • Update your app timely
  • Reply to maximum number of reviews from users etc are the main things to keep in mind to create a great ASO for your app.

10. Some precautions

After all the things, you have to keep few things in mind to never suspend your app or play console from Play Store.

There are few things you can have a look on:

  • Don’t mislead your users
  • Don’t use content that includes abusiveness, se*uality, po**ography etc.
  • Don’t hurt any group in the world like religion, caste etc.
  • Always use quality content and serve your users a great experience otherwise your app will be downgraded on play store and will not rank.

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